Great question!  Website content updates include the following:

  • Adding, editing, or removing text or images
  • Adding, editing, or removing links
  • Adding, editing, or removing events
  • Adding, editing, or removing products
  • Adding, editing, or removing basic contact forms
  • Updating SEO titles, keyword and meta descriptions.
  • Adding/removing plugins
  • Plugin configuration
  • Minor HTML and CSS updates

Content updates DO NOT include:

  • Custom HTML, Javascript, PHP, or any other kind of coding.
  • Custom website themes or plug-ins
  • Graphic design, photo editing, website design
  • Professional consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Running / managing advertising campaigns / email campaigns
  • Basically, anything that isn’t related to updating the content on your website.

If you require special anything outside of website content updates, contact us.

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